Coming from a background in building and farming, I am an artist with a particular interest in the interaction between materials and ideas and although my work is rooted in painting, sometimes an idea is best expressed through the experience of an installation. After qualifying in 2002 with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art from The University of Hertfordshire, I became a Fellow of Digswell Arts and working within a community of artists, developed my practice both aesthetically and professionally.   I now work alongside two other artists from our studios in Hertfordshire.

Inspiration for my current work began in a recently ploughed field when I decided to use the mud, clays and chalk as the medium to make a painting of that particular field.   It has now become an all consuming passion to paint the land with the land, exploring the essence of what land is or what it has become, creating visual documents that shed light onto a continuous relationship between land and culture.   Human involvement with the land is an inseparable connection that find truly exciting, it is this that carries meaning in my work with an understanding that the land can be a vital force to the way we think.   Painting the land is essentially a visualisation of thought itself.

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